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Sage Pot Roast

Sage Pot Roast

1 lean boneless beef chuck roast — (about 5 lbs)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
2 teaspoons rubbed dried sage
1/2 teaspoon salt — optional
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 cup beef broth
6 medium red potatoes — cut in half
4 carrots — cut into 2″ pieces
2 medium onions — quartered
5 teaspoons cornstarch
1/4 cup water

In a Dutch oven, brown roast on both sides in oil. Season with sage, salt and
pepper. Add beef broth. Cover and bake at 325 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. Add
potatoes, carrots and onions. Cover and bake 1 hour longer or until the meat is tender and vegetables are cooked. Remove roast and vegetables to a serving platter and keep warm. Combine cornstarch and water; stir into pan juices. Cook until thickened and bubbly. Serve with the roast.

Creamy Beef Stroganoff

Creamy Beef Stroganoff

1 sirloin steak (1 1/2 pounds)
2 T. vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 cup dry sherry
1/2 cup beef broth
1 T. grated lemon zest
1 t. dried chervil leaves
1 t. dried parsley flakes
1/2 t. salt
Freshly ground pepper
1 pkg. cream cheese, cubed (3 oz)
1 container (8 oz) sour cream
Hot cooked noodles
Additional freshly ground pepper

Partially freeze steak; slice diagonally across grain into 1/4″ strips. In a large skillet, brown meat in hot oil; remove meat, reserving pan drippings in skillet. In reserved pan drippings, sauté mushrooms, onion and garlic until tender. Return meat to skillet; add sherry and next 6 ingredients. Cook over medium low heat 10 to 12 minutes or until most of liquid evaporates. Remove from heat; add cream cheese, stirring until cheese melts. Cool. To store: Refrigerate meat mixture in a tightly covered container up to 2 days or freeze mixture in an airtight container up to 2 weeks. To serve: If frozen, thaw in refrigerator. In a large pan, cook over medium heat until simmering, stirring frequently. Stir in sour cream; cook just until hot. Do not boil. Serve stroganoff over noodles. Sprinkle with additional ground pepper. Serves 4 to 6

Shredded Pork Burritos

Crockpot Shredded Pork Burritos

3 1/2 lb boneless pork loin roast
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 1/2 minced garlic
1 cup water

Place roast in greased crock pot. Sprinkle with salt, pepper,and minced
garlic. Add water. Cover and cook on low 8-9 hours. Remove pork from
pot and discard liquid. Shred meat with 2 forks and use as burrito

Place pork in tortillas and desired toppings.

Bourbon Steak

Bourbon Steak
1-1/2 pounds steak
1 teaspoon. sugar
1/4 cup bourbon
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons water
1 garlic clove, crushed
1 cup Apple Wood Chips
Mix all ingredients (except chips) together, place in ziplock bag and marinate steak 4 hours or over night. Soak wood chips in water for 30 minutes, and add to hot coals just before commencing to grill. Grill steak to desired doneness.

Baked Potato Casserole

Baked Potato Casserole

1 pkg frozen diced potatoes

6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

2 stalks green onion, chopped and sautéed

2C shredded cheese

1C sour cream

salt and pepper to taste

After frying bacon & sautéing onions, let cool. Mix all ingredients together (no need to thaw potatoes). Place in ziploc. Freeze flat. To serve: thaw. Place in baking dish. Bake 30 min @ 325 or until potatoes are tender. During last 10 minutes, top with additional shredded cheese, if desired.